How Can the Women’s Old Xavs Team Improve Their Skills

Aussie football is growing in popularity and is showing no signs of slowing down in the incoming years. Due to this increased popularity, many new football clubs have been formed and play against one another for the title of who has practised, trained and used their incredible footwork on the field to be declared the winners.

The Old Xaverians is one popular FC which has a few separate groups for their men’s and women’s team. While the old xavs have a longstanding history, it seems as if this season the women’s team are seeing more losses than wins for one reason or another. For sports betting sites that are favourable to women football betting, the losses add up to reduced odds. While it comes down to just having better camps and being more focused on the field – listed below are a few tips on how the WOX can improve their skills and chances of winning their next match.

1. Incorporate solo practices or use a single partner

While training with your entire team may seem like the way to go – having a solo session or just using one partner can show great improvements as well. This can help players not feel overwhelmed while also being able to focus on improving a certain position they lay or would like to play. It will also help to find varying partners as well, such as ones that have different height, skill set, and one that plays the opposing position of you so playing them on the field will become a breeze.

2. Bounce the ball skillfully

When I say this, I more so mean bounce the ball while using both hands, which is an impressive and beneficial skill to have. This is especially so when you’re in a squeeze and will need to use the other hand to successful get out of it. While this may be an obvious improvement, many miss it during their training practices. The best way to do it is to practice it solo for a while before bringing in someone else.

3. Master how to play in unkind weather

While playing on a bright and sunny day with a few clouds may seem like a footballer dream – it’s not always the reality. At times, it would be helpful to learn different methods to bounce the ball when the ground is muddy, and it’s easy to skid around the field. One tip that many professional Aussie footballers use is to touch the ball on the ground with both hands to create more control of it on your side.

4. Improve your fitness

This sport is physically demanding, which can be seen easily as it’s recorded that typically, players will have to cover 9 miles (15km) during a single game. Plus, to do this take, it requires a plethora of short sprint runs, dives, and intensity that cannot be matched. Due to this, players need to be in the gyms training their bodies to keep up with the demands that must be met. While going to the gym solo may be ideal, it would help to bring a partner or ask your coach what you need to improve on.

5. Watch and learn from the pros

The best way to improve your playing skills is to watch the professional at work. The AFL, Australian Football League, is a great place to start as you can find an array of players of a similar stat as you and watch their highlight reels. While improving may be easy, you still have to out in the steps actually to put your words into action.