Largest Football Stadiums in Australia

Australia is renowned for providing some of the best performances in sport in the world, including cricket, Aussie Rules, rugby, football. It’s for this reason that the country also impresses with some of the most remarkable football stadiums in the world to ensure spectators can enjoy the game in a live setting whenever they play domestic or international matches. If you ever find yourself in Australia, and you consider yourself to be a sports fanatic, we highly recommend that you visit one of these incredible football stadiums.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne cricket ground, situated in Yarra Park, Victoria is regarded as the biggest football stadium in Australia and is also referred to as ‘The G’ by locals. With an astonishing seating capacity of 100,0245, the football stadium is not only a popular destination for cricket matches but also plays host to a wide range of other sporting events, including football. The Melbourne cricket ground was initially constructed in 1853 and currently ranked as the 10th largest stadium in the world. It’s also considered the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. The Melbourne cricket ground is easily accessible and is situated within walking distance from the busy city centre.

Stadium Australia

With an impressive 84,000 seating capacity, Stadium Australia is situated in Sydney, New South Wales, and is regarded as the second biggest football stadium in the entire country. The stadium, formerly referred to as the Telstra Stadium, is now considered as the Homebush Stadium, Sydney Olympic Stadium, or only Olympic Stadium by locals. This is seen as a multi-purpose stadium that officially opened its doors on 6 March 1999 in time for the Summer Olympics that took place in 2000 that the country was hosting. Since the stadium opened its doors, the State of Origin home matches has been played by the rugby team in New South Wales. The stadium also plays host to the Grand Final of the National Rugby League every single year.

Docklands Stadium

The Docklands stadium is considered the third biggest football stadium in Australia with a seating capacity that reaches 56,347. This multi-purpose stadium not only offers football matches but also provides a wide range of other sporting events, such as cricket and rugby. Situated in Victoria, Australia, the Docklands stadium was formerly known by many sponsored names, including the Etihad Stadium, the Telstra Stadium, and the Colonial Stadium. The stadium was initially constructed in 1997 and is regarded as a substitute for the Waverly Park. The doors of the stadium opened on 9 March 2000 and cost $460 million.

Adelaide Oval

With a seating capacity of 53,853, the Adelaide stadium is regarded as the fourth biggest stadium in Australia. This multi-purpose stadium also plays host to Australian football games, cricket, and rugby apart from soccer. The stadium opened its doors back in 1871 and received loads of renovations and improvements in 2008 and 2014 to ensure it can still be used to this day for sporting events.