Season Restart Initiative Unveiled by MLB

Multiple options have been considered with beginning the 2020 Season for Major League Baseball, which was postponed from starting amidst the coronavirus. Cancellation of seasonal games wasn’t administered by Rob Manfred himself, with the decision being forced by government officials. The MLB Commissioner didn’t have any choice to abide once all entertainment venues were cancelled until the lockdown is concluded. Now that the Trump Government has begun lifting social distancing measures, Manfred & MLB Executives are considering multiple avenues for a restart of operations.

The 2020 Operations MLB Manual was released publicly earlier this week. It concludes 67 Pages that outline how seasonal matches could be engaged without an outbreak of COVID-19. There are logistical measures that have become standard across numerous industries. Those include all restaurants associated with MLB Stadiums being closed for the foreseeable future, with this measure extending towards players being banned from eating food from on-the-road hospitality locations. Additional requirement state that players would be forced to wear face masks while travelling on planes or busses, which would be brutal for these baseballers.

Sanitation is a significant priority behind the 2020 Operations MLB Manual, which demands that players won’t be permitted to spit while on the field. Showers won’t be allowed at these ballparks, with players having to wait until reaching their designated hotel. There’s also legislation that slightly alters how professional baseball is consumed. When taking the bases, players have been informed to keep a two-metre distance. This will make it incredibly challenging to tag opponents.

MLB Player’s Association

These measures cannot be enacted until the Major League Baseball Player’s Association reviews & pass the manual, which could take a prolonged period from Union to Corporate delegations. There will be some that state playing professional baseball under these conditions deters all elements that make this game exciting. There’s also the concern of the recent backlash from the Houston Astros Cheating Scam. Those considering not watching the sport anymore won’t be enticed to continue under these new measures. Seismic shifts in Major League Baseball could cause this sport’s end after COVID-19. Rob Manfred was always this sports doom.