Taiwanese Baseball Using Mannequins Over Fans

The Taiwanese Baseball Association was forced to delay the initial start of their 2020 Season. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out throughout the region, with Taiwan being considered a leader in self-isolation. Multiple countries have implemented similar protocols to Taiwan, hoping that identical results will be provided. Most sporting associations are still under an official postponement, with the TBA being one of the 1st to resume official play. This is because they’ve terminated the permittance of spectators for all matches until the COVID-19 pandemic is eradicated throughout Taiwan. Instead of spectators chanting for the players, mannequins have been placed into the stands. The Taiwanese Baseball Association believes that this’ll provide players with the required morale to move forward with match-ups.

Experts with the World Health Organization have publicly refuted the decisions of the TBA. This is because teammates could find themselves experiencing an outbreak within their locker rooms. That’s because players have close contact with each other, while also spreading germs from perspiring from the match-up. The Taiwanese Baseball Association has already implemented the mannequins into match-ups, which was proven with photographs from the Taoyuan International Baseball City. Employed staffers placed hundreds of cardboard cut-outs or mannequins across the stands. It was an eerie sight to behold, with the standard chants and screams heard as these matches going silent. It didn’t benefit players like the TBA had hoped but instead came off as disturbing.

The Cardboard Cut-Outs & Mannequins

Mannequins and Cardboard Cut-Outs were supporting the merchandise colours for the home team at a 90% percentage. The remaining 10% accounted for the opposing team, with these Cut-Outs and Mannequins also supporting surgical masks. The Taiwanese Baseball Association believes that by showcasing these fake spectators, viewers will be more inclined to continue wearing their surgical masks.

Individuals that were permitted at this match-up were the coaching staff, players and notable cheerleaders. All three groups were forced to take photographs with the mannequins and cardboard cut-outs, showing the people that this is beneficial. It should be noted that the 2020 Taiwanese Baseball Association Season began with a match-up between the Rakuten Monkeys and China Trust Brothers. It was ultimately postponed because of unfavourable weather.