MLB Umpire Duties During COVID-19 Explained

Resuming the 2020 Major League Baseball Season has become a significant priority for their commissioner, Rob Manfred. It’s prompted for MLB Organizers to tackle various issues associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic. This includes altering how players, coaching staff and umpires engage with one another on the baseball diamond. Umpires associated with MLB Corporate have provided insight regarding how they’ll engage under these unprecedented conditions. Umpires will begin explaining MLB Replays to supporters watching their weekly broadcasts.

This is similar to the National Football League, with MLB Corporates crucial decision allowing for matches to become more versatile. Rob Manfred claims that these alterations to Umpire Responsibilities were prompted because of COVID-19, with sporting analysts mentioning that changes followed after the Houston Astros Scandal. This is more logical than Rob Manfred’s excuse, with coronavirus not playing any factor into the excitement of weekly matches when resumed.

The alterations for MLB Umpires was announced by Dale Scott, who is employed with the Toronto Blue Jays. Sentiments from Scott indicated that replays would be managed similarly to the NFL, with the corporate division and players association excited for the changes. It’ll enable home-based supporters to better educate themselves on the numerous strategies associated with baseball.

MLB Crew Chief

The Major League Baseball Crew Chief has begun informing his Umpires on how to engage with microphone sets. This training extends towards speaking over a televised broadcast, ensuring that these Umpires can keep supporters excited. Training is being accomplished virtually via Skype and expected to take upwards of two months. This task has provided Umpires locked inside for social distancing a fun and exciting task, which will enable them to speak to millions across the United States of America or Canada. It should be noted that Major League Baseball isn’t slated to resume until May 15th, with attendees not being permitted and limited staff allowed onsite.

Sporting analysts anticipate that viewership numbers for Major League Baseball will drop drastically throughout 2020. This isn’t because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with sporting enthusiasts clamouring for their respective seasons to resume. The decline will be prompted because of the Houston Astros Scandal, which saw the 2017 MLB Championship falsified through video-assisted technologies.