Ian Kinsler Retires from MLB

Ian Kinsler, the second baseman for the San Diego Padres, announced that he would be retiring from Major League Baseball. This announcement came directly from the San Diego Padres front office, with reporters confirming this baseball organization and Ian will reach a financial settlement. This will be $4.25 million instead of the $8 million that was designated for his remaining two years. When asked to comment on his retirement, Kinsler mentioned that this was the right time to move onwards and do something else in his career.

This news shocked fans, who were expecting Ian Kinsler to remain in Major League Baseball for another eight years. Being only 37 years of age, this marks an early retirement for professional baseball’s second-best baseman. Throughout his career, Ian Kinsler spent time with the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers. This extended to the Boston Red Sox in 2018, where mid-season he was switched over to the Los Angeles Angels. When Ian gained his momentum again, the Angels managed to win the world series. Afterwards, he was traded to the San Diego Padres for the 2019 season.

Unfortunately, the move to the San Diego Padres proved to be his worst career decision. It marked his worst season to date, finishing the 2019 campaign with a .646 OPS, which came after 87 appearances in professional season games. However, it should be noted that his decline came after being injured with a herniated cervical disk. Ian Kinsler mentioned to reporters that this was a significant factor in his decision to retire, with him finalizing his comments by saying that if he couldn’t give his 100%, he wouldn’t be happy.

The Past & Future

Fans have begun to express their sadness towards this retirement via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Ian Kinsler is one of the legendary players in Major League Baseball history and could’ve acquired more than 2000 Hits if continuing for the 2020 season. Throughout his career, he received 243 stolen bases and 257 home runs. It resulted in him being selected for the All-Star Game four times and winning the Golden Glove Award two times.

This won’t be the last time that fans see Ian Kinsler by the baseball field, though. He has already confirmed that he will dedicate his life going forward towards training the next generation of baseball stars. This comes at a time when Major League Baseball could be removing their affiliation with Minor League Baseball. The need for professional athletes training the baseball youth hasn’t ever been more significant.