MLB Could Possibly Be Delayed Until May

Major League Baseball hasn’t entirely ascertained the shifting landscape surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Rob Manfred has continuously protested that minimal postponements are required to ensure public safety, with medical experts advising that this thought process is incorrect. The MLB Commissioner has implemented a two-week delay of the season opener, which was slated to begin on March 26th. It’ll now start on April 9th. There are multiple sporting analysts and medical experts that believe postponements will extend towards May 15th or later. Predictions follow with scientific evidence seen throughout China, with their pandemic lasting for longer than three months.

MLB Teams have the power to demand more significant action from Rob Manfred, with the commissioner requesting too much from these outfits. This follows after Spring Training was cancelled, with players and coaches informed to return home for self-isolation. Individual teams have begun demanding that Spring Training be re-evaluated to “Summer Training” before the season opener. Refusal from Rob Manfred could see each respective team at a substantial disadvantage. Players themselves have expressed that it’ll be impossible to compete by April 9th with the lack of strategic plays or training.

The Backlash

The Chief Baseball Officer for the Boston Red Sox, Chaim Bloom, provided his insight to ESPN Reporters. He noted that every day since the announcement had included multiple conference calls regarding the position of players and coaching staff. It appears that Rob Manfred isn’t concerned about the well-being of players, staff or the general public. Making MLB Players remain active and ready during an international pandemic shows the lack of intelligence Rob Manfred has towards the COVID-19 epidemic. He’s acting similarly to Dana White from the UFC.

Sources connected to Major League Baseball say that assessments given from Rob Manfred aren’t accurate, with the season opener more likely to occur throughout May. These sources indicate a Memorial Day Weekend, with additional insiders claiming that June could be the longest enforcement for delays. Considering that these rumours have been similarly supported with all sporting associations globally, it’s more than likely accurate. These professional MLB Players could find themselves unable to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics if the pandemic isn’t solved by summer.