MLB Treating Minor League Poorly

Major League Baseball’s regular season has been postponed until May 5th, which follows after the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention announced that all entertainment facilities or sporting venues shouldn’t exceed mass gatherings of 50+ people. The actions and decisions that have followed with MLB Executives are disgusting. Minor League Players are being treated like lesser individuals, with their financial security not being provided. This is far from how Major League Players are being treated.

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, confirmed on March 19th that minors would receive their funds until the exhibition season scheduled date arrives. Individuals detest this decision, which includes a newly formed advocacy group named “Advocates for Minor Leaguers”. This association has inquired the services of Garret Broshuis, who’s a lawyer infamous in the baseball community. He’ll demand that the $15,000.00 salaries for minor league players be increased by 50% it’s valuation during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This enables the funds necessary for players to remain safe during social distancing.

It should be mentioned that Rob Manfred has continuously received backlash for his treatment towards minor league players. The seasonal payment of $15,000.00 is nearly below the federal poverty guideline limit. Considering these individuals are the baseball stars of tomorrow, their accommodations should be enhanced tenfold.

AML Details

Advocates for Minor Leagues is non-for-profit, meaning that it isn’t unionized. All requests demanded from this association don’t have to be met. Though this association does hope to become unionized with Minor League Baseball, allowing them to make demands legally towards Rob Manfred. There’s a considerable chance that these requests will be ignored by the Major League Baseball Commissioner, who’s infamous for ignoring the suggestions of other individuals in the community.

This isn’t the 1st time that somebody has tried to force Rob Manfred’s hand, with a lawsuit being filed in 2014 against the low wagers for minor league players. That case still hasn’t been heard, and Congress approved the declaration that these players are seasonal workers. Chances of pay increases during Covid-19 are minimal. This could lean towards increased fines for Rob Manfred, with multiple business analysts believing that corporations treating their employees poorly during this pandemic will be charged.