Old Xaverians Collects Their Second Most Intensive Win

The iconic red and black striped team – the Old Xaverians came together to form a winning coalition to defeat the Collegians, a previously undefeated team this season, at the match at Toorak Park, Victoria, Australia. Like their famous football playing skills since R18 last season, where the Old Xavs defeated the same Lions, the speedy and talented Red ‘n’ Blacks managed to bring home an impressive eight-goal final to win by a whopping 27 points.

Both the Claret and Scout victories were due to an amazing performance on the field thanks to Jason Holmes, who was in the ruck and continued the play to the skilful work of Matthew Handley. The players were helped in accomplishing their impressive task thanks to the midfield and forward setup that the team meticulously created as the perfect linking for the two beasts of the field.

Old Xavs Defense

During the first quarter of the game, the Old Xavs had the upland with a tight and precise defense. However, the team did not manage to give any pressure regarding the scoreboard. The Turnovers this season and shown their fatal side and in the stanza later. Especially when a goal was basically handed to the Lions due to a miscalculated inboard pass, which promoted a long groan from the home crowd that was excitedly watching the game.

As the game continued, the highly anticipated visitors managed to easily push through two quick ones during the beginning of the second, but in turn, had to pay the heavy price of two injured players. Bruhn, the ace forward, injured a knee which was followed by Will Johnston, a fellow gun. The following eight minutes proved to be a tense and narrow game, that is until Handley gave a much-needed boost to second. In the following three minutes, player Clay Johnston, finally snapped after a chain of handballs were thrown at him. Luke Berry slid in with ease and sneaked in a great kick-in before sending a drop punt through the middle; this was before Handley made another impressive strike which gave the Xavs the lead in the game. As the half-time tune was getting close to ring, Chris Margin, managed to send a set shot deep in the scoreboard. The margin did this play with great ease, which caused the watching crowd to cheer with pure delight as they sat behind the goals.

Player Brendan Goss hit a goal early in the third term, despite his teammates missing the earlier shots. The headstrong Collegians went in to throw Sam Hibbins even more forward, and for a quick minute, the player looked as if he was going to get the game. Though, the visitors decided to take their chance before effortlessly scoring four goals without hesitation. This was before the true storm hit: three goals all scored in a duration of three quickly moving minutes. All due to Tom Anderson’s speed followed by two more coming for the star of the game, Matt Handley.

Mid-Term Uncertainty

During mid-term, some tense moments of uncertainties arise, but they were quickly diminished as the Xavs held firm as Clay Johnston passed through his second, Dan Sandford’s snapping, and Brad Olsson hitting a long shot. Then Matt Margin came in, who cradled the teams fourteenth all while the Collegians could only watch in stunned silence.

Since the Collegians defeated the Xavs back in the 2012 grand finale, the team has only beaten the strong-willed Xavs once during the duration of eleven tries. After this win, the Xavs are heading to Camberwell to face off against the solid Old Scotch. Scoring another victory with their upcoming match will do nothing but boost the Xavs impressive and precise season.